Myths And Facts

Patients rarely get the opportunity to see what goes on behind pharmacy doors, which is why there are misconceptions about
pharmacies and pharmacy staff. Our team wanted to debunk some common myths by sharing the facts.

Pharmacists just count pills all day.

Pharmacists do so much more! Pharmacists spend their time counseling and educating patients on their condition and their medication and making clinical interventions. They also check with prescribers on dosing information and inform patient and prescribers of possible drug interactions. All of these activities are vital, especially when patients are on life-saving medications.

My pharmacist doesn’t need to know about over-the-counter medications or vitamins, only prescribed medications.

Your pharmacy team should be aware of any vitamins and supplements in you are taking. This way, any drug interactions can be avoided.

If I feel well, I can skip my medication. If I’m really not feeling good, I can take more than the label says.

You need to take your medication exactly as prescribed. Taking it at the wrong time or skipping doses disrupts therapy and may cause a flare or other adverse event. If you’re not taking your medication because of side effects, be sure to tell your pharmacist and healthcare provider.

Family Run Pharmacy’s do not accept insurance.

Leake Family Pharmacy does accept insurance just like the chains and big box stores. And prices are usually the same if not better. We take great pride in exceeding customer expectations, we know you will tell your friends and your doctor to have your prescription filled with us.

Family Run Pharmacies are more expensive than than big box stores.

Independent pharmacies can get the same or better discounts than big retailers, passing the savings on to you. And with insurance your copays are generally the same wherever you go.